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Dear my petite sister,

It is more than 4 months since we last met. When you saw me off at Tan Son Nhat airport when I flied to London, you said that I had to
learn for your dream as well. I smiled. You know that I really believe that you can do even better than me. We share the same dream of coming to England and live the international life before coming back to Vietnam and contribute to building the better country.

It should take several more years for you before that dream come true. How is my lovely sister doing? Are you reading, studying hard, traveling and enjoying your life living with mom and dad? Time is not waiting for any one, my dear. I must repeat it. I am enjoying my every minute here in London as well.

It is true when some one says that London is an inspiring city. The longer I live in London, the better I understand the world, the better I understand who I am in the world and what I want to do in my life. I have a clear view on my future now, which makes me feel happy and more confident.

London runs fast, with endless activities done by people from all over the world coming to give to this city. The Daily Mail recently found 190 people to represent 190 countries in the world living in London for the United Nation themed photo shot. So you can imagine how international London is, don’t you? I represented Vietnam, holding the flag in front of my heart. More than ever, it made me feel that I really wanted to do something good for the people of our country. I do want so.

It is less than 7 months that I would be in Vietnam and apply what I learn from here. I can’t wait for that.

I want you to read first, and understand the world before moving here to study. It is precise to say that the world is without border now. You will feel it when you are here.  If some one takes you to Oxford street and leaves you there without letting you know where you are, it is almost impossible for you to tell the city you are in.  You do not feel that they are living in a foreign country, as they can have their traditional food right in London.

International atmosphere may hinder some one, but for me, it tells me that I am not “no one”. I can be any one, who should do something to make better the life of myself, the people in general, and the people from my country in particular. I know that the people in my country need me. Let’s do something good together for the country.

I would be very happy if some day, you would have classmates like I am having now. They are from 20 countries. They all want to be good journalists. They believe that good journalism would bring better lives for people. They want to be a part of good journalism, and they are working hard on it by writing articles and applying ethical methods when doing it. They read a lot. They practice a lot. They discuss a lot. They argue a lot. Here, it is the way that the study goes. So prepare for that.

But not only that (LOL), living in the UK would allow you to travel widely more easily, as it connects to the world well. You would see new lands, meet new people, learn new things, and enjoy new cultures. You would be inspired by how friendly, creative and lovely people every where. You will learn to respect others’ identities and cultures, and more importantly, to preserve well your identity and culture. It is because you understand more who you are in the world.

It is said that the more you travel, the more you want to travel. I am traveling as much as I can when I am here. France, Switzerland, Scotland, and other cities in England have been added into my travel list. It is so wonderful, isn’t it? After each trip, I understand that the world is small if you want it to be. But it would be large, if you just dream without doing anything.

I know that you understand how good it could be for you to study in England. I am happy if I know that you are working hard for the plan.


Loan Khong

(Viết thời ngây thơ, vụng dại. Hí hí)


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