Nói về truyền thông, báo chí và ChatGPT

Một sinh viên của tôi đã đặt cho tôi một số câu hỏi để giúp em hoàn tất bài tập Audio Package cho môn Media Content Creation. Rất hay là các câu hỏi em đặt ra là những vấn đề thú vị, cũng là một dịp giúp tôi suy nghĩ về nghề nghiệp, vai trò của mình trong xã hội, và cả một chủ đề đang hót như núi lửa là ChatGPT. Bài tập phỏng vấn bằng tiếng Anh.

However, my experience with this business is you should be curious and want to learn about the world and want to share what you know with other people.

1 – What is the most important factor in media production, especially in magazine production as at Forbes? 

Generally, there are some important factors in media production, such as truth, significance, being interesting, relevance, comprehensiveness, responsibility.

However, all those factors of course are very relative and can be biased depending on the producers.

And if we talk about journalism production, then the important factors could be the accuracy, or truth, or having discipline of verification, being loyal to citizens or the public, based on personal and collective conscience, as a forum for public criticism and compromise.

The purpose of journalism is to give people the information they need to make better decisions about their lives and society.

Journalism involves the conscious, systematic application of a discipline of verification to produce a “functional truth,” as opposed to something that is merely interesting or informative.

It could be easy for a media organization to follow rules, but now we see everyone can become media producer with the tools and equipment available and accessible, which means everyone should and must work as a journalist somehow, who will decide what you are producing has value to others, or accurate or not, or the way the information is delivered is responsible or not.

Forbes as a professional media brand of more than 100 years, it also upholds essential basic elements of journalism. Truth, verification, relevance, significance, comprehensiveness are some important factors.

2 – What is a good media product from your perspective?

For me, good media product is what gives accurate and compressive information to the audience so that they can make up their own minds about the information based on knowledge they have.

So that is a lot of responsibility for the producers, not only as a person who choose what information to provide, but also how to because human beings grow or become civilized based on the information we exchange, help us to understand the world we are living in and also ourselves, compelling us to act and think in certain way. So the products should be credible.  

3 – Where do your sources of writing inspiration usually come from? 

Writing is my profession. I am a professional writer, so when you are professional, you write even without inspiration.

There is a saying of an American artist Chuck Close, he says “Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work. If you wait around for the clouds to part and a bolt of lightening to strike you in the brain, you are not going to make an awful lot of work. All the best ideas come out of the process; they come out of the work itself.”

So I just do what I need to do. To complete an article, to write something I want to or have to.

It is fantastic to have inspiration, but if not, that’s alright.

Inspiration is very privilege when you meet great people or experience something extraordinary, but if not we just start doing what we need to do for living, for feeling our life is meaningful, that we are not just consuming the earth resources but also contributing into the progress of human beings.  

4 – As a journalist, what do you hope the readers get from reading your articles/consuming your media products?

I hope to make a piece of writing that provides them adequate and accurate information about our world so that they can have informed decision. And it would be great if we, which means I and them, feel inspired to live better and happier with the information we have.

5 – ChatGPT has been recently launched by OpenAI and created a mass surprise because of its excellent and handy functions. What are the opportunities and threats that you think ChatGPT may bring to you and/or the journalism business? 

ChatGPT is a next level of artificial intelligence and we are experience the sudden interest over conversational AI technologies. Developed by San Francisco-based OpenAI, ChatGPT is expected to revolutionize internet searches by offering users information via human-like conversations. This is a great tool, like any tools that have revolutionized the way we think, communicate and build our world, it brings benefits and also threats to any jobs or businesses in certain ways.

ChatGPT makes our lives easier, because it supports us faster, in a friendly way, yet the challenge here is can the software replace our brain and our uniqueness as human being. If you look for something unique and human related, or you want to feel human, then you should talk and work with human beings; if you want something automatic to save time, to make your life more convenient, the robot is a better choice.

For journalism business, it has been challenged for some time due to technology revolution and information consumption habit change, however, journalism needs many processes that distingue them from media production, which I have mentioned previously, which is verification, for public interest, balance and non – bias, and responsibility. All of these still need human’s brains.

Besides, creative writing and thinking, critical thinking is always something we human beings are very good at. How long will we be surpassed by machine, and then who will rule the world and where would we human being get inspired from? I don’t think we are inspired by machine or robot; we are inspired by love, by nature.

In short, ChatGPT is probabilistic language model — they give probabilities of next words given current words. Thus they may not really as reliable as we thought and cannot replace search engines, which provide us authorized sources of information. However, ChatGPT is definitely a great tool to help our life better, as we have alternative, it will change the way we live and work, but as long as you work hard and transform yourself often, you will embrace the opportunities it brings.

6. What are your advice/suggestions for young people who want to join this business?

There is always places for people who have right attitude towards work and life. But what it right? It really depends on your perspective of life.

I would refrain from giving advice to other people because what I thought maybe not be applicable to others because we are very different. However, my experience with this business is you should be curious and want to learn about the world and want to share what you know with other people. Beside, working hard, being collaborative, flexible and persistent are important characters. Last but not least, loving life, loving people will keep you moving forward.



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