Các từ mới của từ điển Oxford năm 2009

– unfriend: “To remove someone as a ‘friend’ on a social networking site such as Facebook

– intexticated – distracted because texting on a cellphone while driving a vehicle

– paywall – a way of blocking access to a part of a website which is only available to paying subscribers

– freemium – a business model in which some basic services are provided for free, with the aim of enticing users to pay for additional, premium features or content

– funemployed – taking advantage of one’s newly unemployed status to have fun or pursue other interests

– zombie bank – a financial institution whose liabilities are greater than its assets, but which continues to operate because of government support

– Ardi – (Ardipithecus ramidus) oldest known hominid, discovered in Ethiopia during the 1990s and announced to the public in 2009

– birther – a conspiracy theorist who challenges President Obama’s U.S. birth certificate

– choice mom – a person who chooses to be a single mother

– death panel – a theoretical body that determines which patients deserve to live, when care is rationed

– teabagger – a person who protests President Obama’s tax policies and stimulus package, often through local demonstrations known as “Tea Party” protests (in allusion to the Boston Tea Party of 1773

– brown state – a U.S. state that does not have strict environmental regulations

– green state – a U.S. state that has strict environmental regulations

– ecotown – a town built and run on eco-friendly principles

– deleb – a dead celebrity

– tramp stamp – a tattoo on the lower back, usually on a woman

Source: Oxford American Dictionary