Chết năm 2016- trong – tưởng – tượng

Chết thì sẽ thế nào nhỉ? Bài viết tưởng tưởng cho lớp học báo chí ở London.

Ước mơ của tôi không tầm thường, không giản dị. Ngược lại, nó “hoành tráng” lắm, nhất là so với khả năng vốn còn nhiều hạn chế của mình. Giả sử, mười năm nữa, tôi đang ở thời điểm cống hiến và lao động miệt mài nhất. Đùng một phát, tôi chết. Đùng một phát, người thân và bạn bè đau đớn đưa tiễn. Rồi đùng phát nữa, trước khi đưa tiễn, mọi người cần phải có cái điếu văn và đăng một dạng bài tiễn biệt trên báo. Tôi muốn mọi người nhìn và nghĩ về tôi thế nào?

Đây là đề bài của một tiết học “viết và tường thuật” của tôi. Và tôi viết rằng:

Adventurous Woman Remembered Of Having Golden Heart
Newspaper owner Loan Khong, 38, who was well-known for her charity shop chain in Vietnam and 3 books in different fields, died on her travel to North Pole in a sudden snow storm.
‘My daughter loves traveling. She would travel to satisfy her curiosity and her dream to explore places and cultures,’ her mother Quang said in her tear.
Loan, who owned an entertainment newspaper, is no stranger to disadvantaged people in Vietnam. She and her family used to spend a Christmas vacation with homeless people, after which her 8 year old twin sons, said they learnt the lesson of sharing and they knew many people needed help.
‘My wife was a strong woman who was passionate about so many things in life. I love her because meanwhile, she was a caring mother and lover,’ her husband, Peter, an Italian scientist said.

‘She was a busy woman but she often spent at least 30 minutes a day talking to our sons and she cooked everyday.’
Loan had been traveling various places, from Africa to Asia before she died. She studied journalism in UK and Germany before founding her own newspaper in 2008, the year when Vietnam government allowed the existence of private owned newspaper.

The daily ‘Her World’ newspaper specializes in women related issues, ranging from mentally and physically. Its editorial articles in 2010 have been rewarded as ‘Best editorial series’ by Vietnam Journalists’ Association due to its ‘inspirational values’ to promote the freedom of woman in Vietnam, a country where Confucius ideology which say women is in second position is still dominant.
‘Loan appeared to be a cold person when I first saw her. But the more I knew her, she was different completely with warm heart,’ Doanh, a homeless 45 year old woman in Ho Chi Minh City, recalled.
‘I was in disaster when I met her in 2009. No home, no money as my husband left me. I knew that she would be the one who save my life when she taught my hands.’
‘She is a woman that I admire,’ Clair Hamilton, the chief of ‘Light’ newspaper, the rival newspaper of ‘Her World’ said.
‘We challenged each other in our profession, sometimes I hated her because I saw her doing better than me,’ she said. ‘I do feel sad, as one of my best rivals has passed away. She was a real challenge.’
‘She was faster person in thinking and getting things done. It put you, as a rival that you need to try more and more, but she was always in front of you.’
As the founder of charity shop chain ‘Shake hands”, of which profit goes partially to homeless people via providing shelters and jobs for some 200 people in the biggest city in Vietnam, Loan was said to spend 2/3 of her annual 50,000 dollars in charity work.
‘My wife used to say that she wanted to spend her income from selling the books, the newspaper and charity shop even after she died,’ Peter said.
Her three books in travel, journalism and cooking are sold 50 thousand copies in the last 2 years.
Loan was the second Vietnamese woman who reached North Pole, but failed to complete the trip. Her close friends said it was her dream to go to North Pole. ‘She is happy to fulfill her dream’, they said in her funeral yesterday.

o Loan Khong, journalist, born January 28 1978; died January 28, 2016.

Đây là ước mơ ở thời điểm 10 năm. Tầm thường quá! Hu Hu! Nhỏ mọn quá! Hu hu!.
Cuộc đời thì hữu hạn, mà mơ ước lại vô hạn. Thế mới…unfair!!!!