Blogging with mobile

It is definitely a new concept of how journalists can work. It was fun as this was the first time I did it as well. I and some others got a Nokia N95, a wireless keyboard to do blogging at Potsdamer Platz – a high tech corner of Berlin where it is often called Sony Center.
This high building group composed of several steel and glass infrastructure. A must-see in Berlin, really.
So, we interviewed people and we typed as fast as we can. The tiny keyboard was just really for my tiny fingers, the rest found it difficult to type.
Anyway, this is a kind of fast growing reportage. Blogging is what journalists are doing now, seriously.
Show you some photos of how we work today. Stay tuned and I will be back for more about advanced online journalism soon.
(Bài viết ngày 20.10.2008 23:40)