Các khẩu hiệu du lịch của các nước

Australia, national tourist board / Tourism Australia
Advertising slogans: Australia. A different light
We can’t wait to say G’day

New Zealand, national tourist board / Tourism New Zealand
Advertising slogan: 100% Pure New Zealand

Vietnam tourism promotion campaign
Slogan: Vietnam. A Destination for the New Millennium

Hong Kong Tourism Board
Slogans: There’s no place like Hong Kong
Hong Kong will take your breath away!

Bangladesh’s tourist authority
Ad slogan: Come to Bangladesh before the tourists

The Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT)
Marketing slogan: Philippines. More than the usual

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)
Taglines: Thailand. Happiness on Earth.
Amazing Thailand – Experience Variety.
Amazing Thailand – Dreams for all seasons.

Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board / Tourism Malaysia
Advertising slogan: Malaysia. Truly Asia.

Queensland, Australia’s state Tourist Board
Taglines: Where Else But Queensland
Beautiful one day, perfect the next

Manly Sydney Australia
Slogan: Manly. Seven Miles from Sydney, a Thousand Miles from Care…

India, national tourist board
Mottos: Incredible India
India. Eternally Yours

Kerala Tourism, India’s State tourist board
Advertising slogan: Kerala. God’s own country.

Tourism New South Wales, Australia
Ad slogan: There’s no place like it (campaign for Sydney & New South Wales)

The Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Advertising slogans: Indonesia. Ultimate in Diversity.
My Indonesia – Just a Smile Away

Singapore Tourism Board
Taglines: Uniquely Singapore.
Live it up in Singapore!
Surprising Singapore

Croatian National Tourist Board
Ad slogan: Croatia. The Mediterranean as it once was

Scottish Tourist Board
Advertising slogan: Live it. Visit Scotland

Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board
Advertising slogan: Lancashire. It’s a real pleasure.

The Austrian National Tourist Office Vienna
Slogans: Austria. At last!
Austria. You’ve arrived

Ireland tourist board / Tourism Ireland
Advertising slogans: Ireland. The Island of Memories…
Awaken To A Different World

The Greek Tourism Ministry /Greek National Tourism Organization
Taglines: Live your myth in Greece
A new point of view.
(campaign for Athens, Attica)
Greece. Beyond Words.

Wales Tourist Board
Marketing slogan: Wales. Big Country

Cyprus Tourism Organisation
Slogans: Cyprus. The Island for All Seasons
Cyprus. A whole world on a single island

Spanish Tourist Board
Slogans: Smile! You are in Spain!
Spain Marks
Spain. Everything Under the Sun

Andalucia, regional tourist board
Motto: Andalucia. There’s only one.

Switzerland Tourism, national marketing and sales organization
Motto: Switzerland. Get natural

Luzern tourist board / Luzern Tourismus
Advertising slogan: Luzern. Swiss made.

Latvia Tourist Board
Slogans: Latvia. The Land that Sings.
The Heartland of the Baltic

Andorra Department of Tourism
Marketing slogan: Andorra. The Pyrenean Country.

Iceland Tourist Board
Slogan: Pure. Natural. Unspoiled. Iceland. The Way Life Should Be.

Sicily, regional tourist board, Italy
Advertising slogan: Sicilia. Everything else is in the shade

Estonian tourist board
Marketing slogan: Estonia. Positively Transforming.

South Korea: Korea Be Inspired


Khẩu hiệu du lịch cho Việt Nam là gì? Tôi nghĩ rằng: The vitality that never lasts! hoặc The vitality excites you! hoặc The vitality that renews.

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