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  1. Comme Morys et Ben, c’est DH qui m’a fait entré dans le monde des séries. Les premières saisons sont bien sûr excellentes, mais même si la qualité a chuté ces dernières années je trouve que la série est au moins restée divertissante. Enfin, je n’ai commencé la série qu’il y a deux ans donc peut-être que c’est parce que je n’ai pas eu le temps de me lasser que je la trouve encore divertissante.

  2. Qué monada de presentación y es una receta ideal para mantener el buen tipo todo el año.Ahora que he empezado a correr de nuevo, me viene genial para cuidarme un poco más.Un beso :g

  3. …fried chicken or some such food that is considered extremely unhealthy."Considered" may be the operative word here. Often we are wrong in what we consider to be right. I eat a fair amount of fried chicken and eggs. My cholesteral generally stays below 150. It's ranged from 126 to 158.

  4. I don’t know who that dude is between the shitty dad from Man on Fire and the 3rd worst Fly-Girl from In Living Color, but I’m 100% sure he’s never worn a hat before that picture was taken.

  5. It's time for the millions of us to drop the GOP and rally behind whatever 3rd party candidate isn't afraid to confront this issue. I can guarantee you that they'll get the point if 40%(WND/Wenzell) of this nation were to drop both big parties and vote for somebody else. Do you people honestly think anybody in the GOP field is on our team? They're silence confirms to me they are on the same team as Obama. I'd vote for Ron Paul if by some miracle he were to get the nomination due to the fact he'll downsize this monster federal gov't. Apart from him, I'm going elsewhere.

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